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Perpetuating Buddha's Wisdom MethodS of
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About Path Buddha

In the Dzogchen Lineage, we often discuss the three types of Buddha: Ground Buddha, Path Buddha, and Result Buddha.

Ground Buddha is your pure inner nature. Buddha called this Buddha Nature. All sentient beings have this same ground, which is the reason all beings naturally seek happiness and naturally want to avoid suffering.

Path Buddha is your Dharma, your own beneficial thinking. This includes the two accumulations of merit and wisdom. Merit is another way of saying positive karma, and wisdom, which is the essence of your understandings + experiences + realizations. The methodology for pursuing your Path Buddha includes learning, contemplating, and meditating upon renunciation, compassion, faith, love, and wisdom while holding the most perfect profound view you can, according to your present moment capacity. Through Dharma practice, your qualities and your capacity will steadily increase until you become Buddha.

Result Buddha is when your Path Buddha has fully merged with your Ground Buddha. This is the moment when you fully realize your Buddha Nature and attain the Vast Awakening of Awakened Omniscience, the same accomplishment of Buddha Shakyamuni. Result Buddha in the form of Buddha Shakyamuni is also our guide, our goal, our destination. All Result Buddhas are always present in your heart center, always surrounding, lovingly guiding, spontaneously blessing, and never separate from you.